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Carbon v1.0.0 Released

I’m extremely happy to announce the release of Carbon v1.0.0. Thanks to everyone who’s already started using Carbon. Please continue to provide feedback. I love to hear from everyone that’s using it, good or bad. Also, now that we’re at v1.0, don’t hesitate to spread the word!

If you’re on v0.5.0.1, you should be able to upgrade with little or no work as this release is includes mostly fixes for bugs found in that release.

Get the bits here!

Upgrade Instructions

  • Remove the Quiet parameter from the Import-Carbon.ps1 script.
  • If you’re nesting Carbon as a sub-module of another module, STOP. This causes havoc. Create an Import-*.ps1 script for your module which imports Carbon before importing your own module. Update your scripts to import your module with your fancy new Import-*.ps1 script. See Best Practices for Importing PowerShell Modules for details.



  • The Import-Carbon.ps1 script no longer checks if Carbon is a sub-module of another module, so the Quiet parameter was removed. Please don’t nest Carbon in your modules! It will cause havoc.
  • Import-Carbon.ps1 will no longer stop execution if an error occurs during an import (i.e. the $ErrorActionPreference = 'Stop' line was removed).


  • Renamed Install-Service’s Dependencies parameter to Dependency (with backwards-compatible alias), to follow PowerShell naming standards.

Users and Groups

  • Install-User: you can now set a user’s full name with the optional FullName parameter.

Bug Fixes


  • Added Test-IisWebsiteExists alias for Test-IisWebsite, for backwards-compatibility with earlier releases.


  • Grant-Permission returns boolean values to the pipeline when clearing access rules.
  • Added Unprotect-AclAccessRules alias for Protect-Acl, for backwards-compatibility with earlier releases.
  • Updated v0.5.0.0 section of release notes to include a note that Unprotect-AclAccessRules was renamed to Protect-Acl.


  • Install-Service fails if Dependency parameter doesn’t have a value. Sometimes.


Users and Groups

  • Add-GroupMember doesn’t handle when the .NET Active Directory throws an exception when adding members to a group, causing script termination.