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Carbon 2.4.1 Released

Carbon 2.4.1 is out. You can download Carbon as a .ZIP archive, NuGet package, Chocolatey package, or from the PowerShell Gallery. It may take a week or two for the package to show up at chocolatey.org.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Carbon_Permission fails when revoking permissions and the Permissions property doesn'’t have a value.
  • Fixed: Protect-String doesn’t convert secure strings properly so they get encrypted with extra bytes in them.
  • Fixed: `Revoke-Permission' fails when an identity has multiple access control entries on an item. Thanks to bozho_ for reporting issue #221 and contributing the fix.
  • Fixed: Compress-Item‘ writes an error when using the WhatIf switch.
  • Fixed: Install-IisWebsite help examples contain invalid/broken code (thanks to John Mitchell for reporting).
  • Fixed: Install-Service fails when password contains double quote character, i.e. " (fixes issue #219).
  • Fixed: Read-File and Write-File fail to retry writing to a locked file when $Global:Error is full. Fixes issue #217.
  • Fixed: Get-FirewallRule sets the EdgeTraversalPolicy to DeferUser on rules whose policy is “defer to application”.
  • Fixed: Get-FirewallRule fails on non-english-speaking computers. (It was parsing the output of netsh advfirewall. Now it uses the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security API.) [Fixes issue #208.
  • Fixed: Get-FirewallRule incorrectly parsed interface types. It assumed interface type was one of multiple values. In reality, it can be set to one or more different values. The underlying enumeration and its values have been updated to be a set of flags (i.e. a bit field).
  • Fixed: Carbon_FirewallRule fails when Profile property has more than one value.
  • Fixed: Get-ScheduledTask doesn’t handle when a scheduled task doesn’t exist on Windows 2008.