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Carbon 2.5.0 Released

Carbon 2.5.0 is out. You can download Carbon as a .ZIP archive, NuGet package, Chocolatey package, or from the PowerShell Gallery. It may take a week or two for the package to show up at chocolatey.org.


  • Added DelayedAutoStart boolean property to objects returned by Get-ServiceConfiguration. This flag is true when a service is set to start automatically, delayed. False otherwise. Added extended
  • The Install-Service function and the Carbon_Service DSC resource can now set a service’s startup type to Automatic (Delayed). Pass Automatic to the StartupType parameter and use the new Delayed switch. The Delayed switch is ignored unless StartupType is Automatic. Fixes issue #216.
  • The Uninstall-Certificate function can now delete a certificate by just its thumbprint. The certificate will be uninstalled from all stores. You can pipe the thumbprint or a certificate object to Uninstall-Certificate.
  • Added an EnsureRunning switch to Install-Service function to ensure that any service is started after configuring. (By default, Install-Service leaves a service stopped if it was stopped when Install-Service begins.)
  • Added IsSymbolicLink extended type property to directory and file objects (i.e. System.IO.DirectoryInfo and System.IO.FileInfo objects).
  • Added TargetPath extended type property to file (i.e. System.IO.FileInfo) objects. If a file is a symbolic link, this property will return the file the link points to.
  • The TargetPath extended type property on directory (i.e. `System.IO.DirectoryInfo) objects now returns target paths when a directory is a symbolic link.
  • Initiazlie-Lcm can’t be used on Windows Server 2016 and later to put the DSC local configuration manager into pull mode. Initialize-Lcm now writes an error when you try.

Bug Fixes

  • Install-Service and the Carbon_Service DSC resource write errors when a service is running and its startup type is changed to Disabled.
  • The Carbon_ScheduledTask DSC resource writes incorrect information to verbose log when the current and desired credential for the scheduled task are different.
  • The Carbon_ScheduledTask DSC resource doesn’t correctly detect when a task’s identity has changed (it wasn’t converting usernames to their canonical representation before comparing the existing identity with the desired identity).
  • Fixed: Importing Carbon in 32-bit PowerShell fails on a 64-bit operating system. DSC isn’t available so the Initialize-Lcm function can’t be exported. Thanks to Anders Andersson for contribuging the fix.
  • Fixed: Install-Service and Carbon_Service DSC resource fail to change the identity a service runs as if switching from a custom account to the default NetworkService account.
  • Fixed: Get-PowerShellModuleInstallPath returns nothing when run under 32-bit (x86) PowerShell on 64-bit Windows.Fixed: Get-PowerShellModuleInstallPath returns nothing when run under 32-bit (x86) PowerShell on 64-bit Windows.