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Carbon v1.5 Released

Carbon v1.5 is out and is backwards compatible with v1.0 through v1.4. This release adds a few new features and some bug fixes to improve PowerShell 3 support.

This is definitely the last release to support PowerShell 2. There were enough bug fixes that I didn’t feel good about making people upgrade to a backwards-incompatible version to get them, so I jumped through some extra hoops to test on PowerShell 2. You’re welcome. ;-)

Get the bits at BitBucket.



  • Set-IisWebsiteID now attempts to start a website whose ID has changed, since IIS stops a website whenever its ID changes.


  • Added Get-IPAddress function for getting the IPv4/IPv6 addresses currently in use on the local computer’s network interfaces.
  • Added Test-IPAddress function for testing if an IP address is in use on one the local computer’s network interfaces.


  • Added Test-UncPath function for testing if a path is a UNC or not.



Bug Fixes


  • Get-Certificate throws an exception and halts script execution when loading a certificate file with a private key and the user doesn’t have permission to write to Windows' MachineKeys directory. It now writes an error instead.


  • Invoke-PowerShell doesn’t run under a v2.0 CLR when using parameters -Runtime 'v2.0'.