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Carbon 1.7 Released

Carbon 1.7 is out and is backwards compatible with 1.0 through 1.6. It supports PowerShell 2. It contains mostly bug fixes and some enhancements.

Get the bits at BitBucket.

There is now a Carbon support mailing list.



  • Import-Carbon.ps1 now supports the -WhatIf switch.
  • Import-Carbon.ps1 now hides verbose log messages when removing/importing Carbon even when supplying the -Verbose switch because I think the verbose output is too verbose and not helpful at all.
  • Import-Carbon.ps1 now supports adding a prefix when importing the Carbon module (with the Prefix parameter) to avoid name collisions and follow best practices.


Bug Fixes


  • No more silent errors when importing Carbon on Windows 2012 R2.


  • Get-Certificate no longer writes a silent error when a certificate does not exist. Instead, no error is written.

File System


  • Grant-Permission fails when item is hidden.
  • Grant-Permission doesn’t handle non-existent paths, causing cascading errors.
  • Test-Permission always returns $false when testing leaf-level permissions and the ApplyTo parameter is provided, i.e. it doesn’t ignore inheritance/propagation flags on leaves.