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Carbon v1.2 Released

Carbon v1.2 is out, is backwards compatible with v1.0 and v1.1 and supports PowerShell 3. (Future releases of Carbon will most likely only support PowerShell 3.) This release features mostly new functionality, including new functions for managing NTFS compression and performing XDT transformations. Thanks to Mark Sargent and Philip Teilmeier for contributing enhancements.

Get the bits at BitBucket.



  • Carbon now works under PowerShell v3.0!



File System



  • Created Remove-IniEntry function for removing entries/settings from an INI file.

Performance Counters


  • Invoke-PowerShell now defaults to running under the current CLR, instead of defaulting to a v2.0 CLR. This makes upgrading to PowerShell v3.0 easier.
  • Invoke-PowerShell now writes an error and returns if running PowerShell v3.0 and you want to run under a v2.0 CLR. Unfortunately, PowerShell v3.0 requires .NET 4.0, so you can’t run anything on an earlier CLR.


  • Revoke-Privilege now supports case-insensitive privilege names.
  • Updated Grant-Privilege to better handle when passing a privilege name with the wrong case.
  • Updated Grant-Privilege documentation to make it clear privilege names are case-sensitive.


  • New Convert-XmlFile, for transforming an XML file with Microsoft’s XDT (XML Data Transformation) technology. Thanks to Mark Sargent for the contribution.

Bug Fixes


  • Deleted the obsolete variable $CarbonImported. Carbon no longer exports any of its variables.


Performance Counters

  • Install-PerformanceCounter couldn’t be used to create counters that used/required a base counter. Thanks to Philip Teilmeier for the contribution.