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Carbon v1.3 Released

Carbon v1.3 is out, is backwards compatible with v1.0 through v1.2. This release improves PowerShell 3 compatibility, updates Invoke-PowerShell so it can run scripts, and adds ConvertTo-Base64 and ConvertFrom-Base64 functions.

Thanks to Jason Stangroome for the feedback that contributed to the work done in this release.

Get the bits at BitBucket.



  • Invoke-PowerShell now supports running an external script.
  • Added OutputFormat argument to Invoke-PowerShell so your scripts/script blocks can return XML results instead of plain text.
  • Renamed Invoke-PowerShell’s Args parameter to ArgumentList (with backwards compatibile Args alias).
  • Renamed Invoke-PowerShell’s Command parameter to ScriptBlock (with backwards-compatible Command alias).
  • Invoke-PowerShell now runs 64-bit PowerShell from 32-bit PowerShell.
  • Get-PowerShellPath now returns path for 64-bit PowerShell when running 32-bit PowerShell.


Bug Fixes